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A real Kowloon Walled City

It was a great afternoon to stroll around the district and I really opened eyes with Hohogo founder, Ling, who was so devoted in preserving Hong Kong culture, history and identity. With her, I saw her way in interpreting the Wong Tai Sin Temple which was not only a place for getting wish come true, but a place of religious disputes, a place of her childhood. We moved further and I was led to a spot that I nearly passed by every week but never put attention there. There were stones and lawn, there were bell and drum, there were public housing and there were stories to tell. The part of history left here before the British came.

The quick stop for snack was so impressive. It was not the signature street food but on her personal pick.  Yes, instead of following those Michelin’s guide or travel forum, I was more than happy to know some local personal choices.

The most impressive part was the Kowloon Walled City which I had never touched on. Though taking tours for years, it was never on my list, or an any requests by clients. The park was tranquil, pretty and most important, local. Walking along you would definitely see the elderlies playing chess, the kids running around, and some teenagers hugging each other.

I personally would prefer to spend more time in the To Kwan Wan district, a place even locals would not bother to explore but there were so much fun to see the old buildings, the hidden lanes, and its fascinating corner for appreciating the eastern Kowloon skyline.

Good to share with an expert in local culture and history, and let me rethink some more non-touristy area in Hong Kong.

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