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A “Red” Tour today

Since it is near our Lunar New Year, whenever we passed by, there were “reds” around.

We went to the temple, first sight of the “red” screens and “red” paper effigies.

We went to the flower market, “red” peach blossom, red “decoration” of the flower stalls.

We went to the wet market, “red” decoration of the blessing banners, “red” sheep fluffy dolls.

We went to the street corner, “red” background with Chinese calligraphy.

We went to the local Chinese vegetarian restaurant, “red” deep fried dumplings.

Even we passed some old stores, I pointed out the “red” shrines for the God of the Earth, it’s red.



I will definitely wear something “red” for welcoming the Lunar New Year for my tours to come.

It was an enjoyable tour with the sole traveller, a Peruvian, and learnt some different angles to the city.

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