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An additional stop to the Kowloon Tour

It might be a good recce today that we spent a few hours in Kowloon on Boxing Day.  We could feel how busy of the shopping area, but also could share the tranquility of the Kowloon Park.

The original idea was to visit the bookstore at the Harbour City, the most popular shopping mall in Kowloon Peninsular. We came out from the extremely busy and crowded Tsim Sha Tsui Nathan Road, turned left and reached an oasis of the area, Kowloon Park, where, there were only a few visitors carrying a map strolling around, and could hardly find any local people. We passed the old colonial architecture inside the park where it was the museum located. I would like to skip but friends asked to visit as there were lots of exhibits through the windows attracting their attention.

To my surprise, there were so many interactive and detailed displays and, but, only one or two visitors around.  It was free.  The old pictures depicting both Chinese and Western architecture, telling us the evolution of these hundred of years in our landscape, buildings and livelihood.  I love it more than any other museums in Hong Kong, which were full of live elements and not only on hard facts and history.

The weather was cool. When we came out, we found another big aviary and there were flamingos that captured my eye sights. Compared to the Hong Kong Park, here, it was more bigger and more level, easy to walk.  But if one loves koi carp, Hong Kong Park would have more varieties.

On the Boxing Day, we spent a lovely morning. For me, it would be a good ending or beginning for starting the crowd and busy thematic markets of a Kowloon tour.

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