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An Asian Family Foodie Tour with lots of local great food and fun


It was a very interesting experience that I came across with an Australian Malaysian family tour last week. We met at the Tim Ho Wan where they would like to enjoy the famous Michelin dim sum. We started our conversation since January so it seems to be meeting a friend. A boy was with her and I started our dialogue with toys, movie and his favourite, the comic books. We went to the Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden, which was a little bit boring to the boy but he was so patient to listen to the story and culture. Sometimes, we chipped in our education system to share the difficulties as a mommy. When we talked on the cuisine or local foodie, we used Cantonese which made ourselves more closer to each other. On the way, we tried the herbal tea, the bitter jelly, the signature pie and tart, the sponge cake in the busy Mongkok area. When we were at the wet market at the request of the lady, the boy was shocked and felt disgusting on the smell from the meat stalls and the chicken stalls. Well, as his mother said, “This is our Chinese”. We then take a stop in the nostaglia cafe nearby, where we could share those 1960 elements, green frames, wooden chairs, handwritten Chinese menu and, the old taste. I loved the clients’ order on the baked ribs on rice with tomato sauce and my own order on thick butter toast. It really made us full. When we concluded at Mongkok Ladies Street Market area, we passed by the Sino Centre on toys and comics, the cosmetic and electronic street, the sneaker street,  the snack street like curry fish balls, ice-cream, etc and finally reached the area on model guns, cars that made the boy open jaw and he smiled with much expectation on shopping. It was really a good experience to learn something from the eyes of Asian.

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