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An intensive walk on Kowloon

kowloon intensive

Though it is the beginning of autumn in Hong Kong, but it is still sticky in the afternoon.  The morning was great today and as clients wanted to see as much as possible, and did not want to go into details.  We grasped the time and went to Chi Lin Nunnery, Wong Tai Sin Temple, took a break with a big lunch in MongKong The Dining Room with dumplings, then another big shopping in the Ladies Street Market, Shanghai Street where there were fruit wholesales market, utensils street, ritual stuff area, Jade market, wet local food market. I felt excited today as we bargained quite a lot with the stall owner on the “replica bags” and nearly she did not want to do the business but was pleased with the final agreed price. In fact, there should be a department store where we could enjoy the Chinese tea, but ,as I said, it was too humid and even we felt ourselves smelly, the clients had to return their hotel and take a break.

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