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Away from Hong Kong…..

It was so refreshing to take a break and away from Hong Kong for a few days, and be a true visitor but again a tour planner for the family in Taichung, and the decision was made a week ago.  Everything was so rush in planning and confirmation.

The city is the central part of Taiwan, and we took an hour and a half on flight.  We arrived late but took an early bus the following day to Puli Wine brewery factory before we moved ahead to the Cingjing, a highland where there were sheep running around the mountains. We spent a great night in a fantastic villa, where there were double floors inside.  As a city person, I would like to share that it was so impressive to enjoy the green area where there were no skyscrapers around. One can really breathe and the scene was so great. I had never seen such a big and vast lawn before.  Followed by cycling around the Sun Moon Lake, we ended this green side of the tour within two days, but the transportation was never be easy as we had to travel from one place to another with at least 2 hours.  That should not be much, but we, city guys, felt exhausted.

The other two days, instead of going to the big attractions, we went to the train station, the gallery, the science museum, the bookstore and the night market.  There were so many interesting things to see and eat. We ended the tour on the fifth day by visiting the colourful village, the paper theme park, the comic graffiti corner and a Japanese garden.  That’s so good, and I could have some insights in managing the tours again.

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