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Delicious roasted goose and the cute icon

If not the clients stayed on the western side of Kowloon, I might not have the idea and suggested to go to Shen Tseng to try the famous dish in Hong Kong, the roasted goose which is still using the traditional way of grilling, charcoal.

It was just 15 minutes away from the downtown, and easy to take a taxi there straight. There were so many restaurants doing the roasted goose, and we picked the one I visited. The hidden path leading to restaurant was narrow and there was a shrine to protect the village behind. The interior setting of the restaurant recalled our old days, simple, red and white, nothing more. I love the cute icon everywhere.The Chinese calligraphy, Goose, was also my favourite among all the displays.

We ordered half of the goose which cost US$30, and the clients could hardly believe that we presented the half head on dish, though I asked them in advance and they did not mind. A lot of our Chinese loved to take the head, sucking the brain cells and taking the wine together. Of course, I could not and would not stand for that.  Nonetheless, it was a good photo shot. Before we left, I could see there were boxes and boxes for putting the grilled whole goose. The packaging was so decent and tidy and I understood why some clients might want to send it back by hand-carry at the airport restaurant, if the flight was within one to three hours in the region. I could hardly express how full we were after a big lunch. We then, with our full stomach, walked along the narrow path leading to a village, which was really another angle looking upon Hong Kong.

The other three hours, again, spending on the main part of Kowloon, shopping and shopping.  It was nice to have an afternoon tour starting with a “goose”. The taste is still in my mouth.


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