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Festive Macau, Decent Macau, Quiet Macau, Crowded Macau

It was already the 6th day of our Lunar New Year, but one could hardly imagine how busy of Macau was, much more crowded than Hong Kong as it was smaller in size, and stronger festive mood around.

I left home quite early at 6am and hoped to catch an earlier turbojet to Macau to meet clients but had to wait for another 45 minutes. I started something for myself after I arrived Macau, a cup of milk tea and toast to energize my long day tour then.

This was a bonus part. I squeezed time to visit the cemetery, the piazza with colonial building, and the lovely flower in the garden.

I then searched the clients. We hopped on the public bus, yes, a public bus but not taxi, to the temple where there were firecrackers in the open space area. Moving along the back street to those ignored UNESCO listing sites, I copied the clients’ special angles to capture little fine details of the architecture beyond my commentary.

Of course, the crowed Senado Square could not be missed, but at least one could share how crazy of our Chinese visitors rushing to the core tourist sites, and we were diverted by police to  specific routes. Once arrived the bus terminal, I suggested to ride on the bus again instead of taking cab back to the Ferry Terminal. One could hardly imagine the big crowd ahead around the Lisboa area.

Good to notice there was a additional ferry out of the standard schedule, and we could ride on an earlier ferry and left. It was intensive, but I received the applause from clients on this colourful and comprehensive Macau Tour.


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