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Great Kowloon Tour plus Food adventure


It was a little bit intensive, but not rush, to spend five hours sharp for a sole Israeli client.

Since he lived just next to the Man Mo Temple and dried seafood area, we started with Hongkong custom and explored the hidden back streets full of local food, like congee, dim sum and snake soup nearby, seeing how it looked like which differed from what he saw with his expatriate friends that full of western elements.  We warmed up quickly as we moved along especially we shared our experience in the hiking in Hongkong, where he tried the trail from Central to the Stanley market direct which I had never known. He told me that he would try another on from Central to The Peak, which was easier and more developed.

Starting at the wet market in Jordan, where I pointed the location of a comprehensive Chinese Department Store and the night market that he could spend time later on in the evening.  We talked about our market ambience and food preparation, where we saw the chicken, fruit, seafood stall and those dried herbals for itchy skins. We then took a stop at a nostalgia café for milk tea and French Toast after the Jade Market.  It was hot and humid, but later we found the local stores for herbal tea, chicken pie and beef brisket noodles with our fast-moving pace. The noodles was so good that he could not stop finishing all and we could hardly have spare room to try the others. Yet, we both loved the local ambience to try local taste together.  It was also interesting to look up and explore those “love hotel” with hourly rate sign, and those extravagant neon signs in the red light district around the Portland Street, and shared the funeral services when we passed a coffin shop.

As he asked if we can drop by the Chi Lin Nunnery, we finally squeezed the time to visit the Nunnery together with the Garden, and we felt so good to cover something extra in our standard agreed arrangement.

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