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Lucky Cat, noodles, rocky bun and more

The whole tour has to squeeze to four hour as one of the clients felt so sick.  We started at 1430 and of course riding on a taxi for four of us would be the best option in view of the crowds at the Peak Tram Terminus in the afternoon and the time left for a standard tour.  It cost US$8 starting from Hong Kong Airport Express Station and saved much time in the beginning.

It was still running smoothly as the client left in the tour could walk quite fast and we hit the final 15 minutes to the Man Mo Temple which closed at 6pm. In fact, we covered the standard itinerary and even could add tea tasting, dumplings (wonton) and noodles, egg tart and rocky bun (our locals called pineapple bun), coconut bun (we called cocktail bun) as the additional foodie elements.

Maybe it’s near our Chinese Lunar New Year, there were quite a lot of decorations along the Pottinger Street.  One of my favorites, Lucky Cat, was everywhere. Some of them even with the solar energy launched this year, but my client still wanted the traditional one with battery.

With the time constraint, I added the shopping along Lei Yuen Street East and West where client could grasp some souvenirs like t-shirts.  We finally found the Lucky cat at US$4.  There were also the high-end Chinese handmade bags and other embroidery in a famous department store, Chinese Arts and Crafts, on the other side of the road. Client could compare the big difference in quality and handcraft.  The comparison could be between US$3 to US$100 for the similar item.   It was a good experience as client would know what they actually wanted.

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