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Michelin’s recommended Dim Sum

If a restaurant is doing good, no matter which branch it locates, it should be as good as the others.  This is my foodie tour or my recommendation to clients especially those had tight schedule and could not , or should not, spend time in lining up.

We arrived to Tim Ho Wan in a residential area at around 10am in the morning.  It was so nice that it was spacious, and one could hardly find the queue.  With their face, I could tell they were locals and took the food as usual as their breakfast, or those from other district but would like to try this “famous” restaurant.

We ordered the crystal shrimp dumplings, the BBQ pork bun, the rice roll with pig liver and the chicken feet. I would like to share that it was really, really the best I have never tried with the budget of US$15 for all these four items.  The shrimps, altogether in two whole shape, were so clean and juicy mixed with lard and bamboo shoot. You could not find the black intestine as it might be in other restaurant.  The adventurous pig liver and chicken feet, were not scary at all and they were so yummy that it really cooked well and absorbed the sauce in full.  The best one, BBQ pork bun, with its sweet oyster paste and the rich pork bean, was still hot inside and one could tell they were all freshly made.  We could hardly stop but I really tell the clients.  have other items to go and there could be more local stuff in our wet local market, which, were not always released in the travel forum or books. Just like the usual practice in  any other dim sum restaurant, there were additional big bowls for us to raise all the utensils we would be going to use.

I would be proud of the arrangement today as we should know the best time to visit, the best place to go, in view of the limited time we could afford.

dim sum

dim sum

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