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Plant seeds, organic fruits and Chocolate Rain

This maybe the 3rd time I come across with clients from Central America, though they spoke Spanish, but we could communicate quite well as they were businessmen and travelled a lot in China.

The day that we spent in Kowloon was much fun. The itinerary included standard street shopping and I added Chi Lin Nunnery as usual. I could hardly imagine they loved the plants, the bonsai and the rocks so much that they told me they could spend whole day there, they would even want to bring those small trees and rocks back home if they could.

When we arrived the Flower market, I could hardly believe that clients bought some seeds and small pot plant and would like to plant in their courtyard, though I said that it might be taken away by the custom but they still would like to try. We then came across a small organic produce shop and they bought some lovely small fruits as snacks, including the winter dates, plums, and the pomegranate.  I was so impressed that they bought our Chocolate Rain computer bags and umbrella back home in a charity shop helping psychiatric people.

Later, we passed by a flower tea shop in between the big stores and they could not stop buying a lot of  flower tea for fat burning, skin-beauty etc. The following spot at the tea store was refreshing, lots of different kind of Chinese tea available and client did enjoy shopping in this old fashioned, something like 70s,  Department Store in Jordan.

The democratic movement did not affect much on our tour, but it was a pity that we could not ride on the double deck bus but only rely on the crowded subway system all the way. Of course, the tram was the other transport but it was so slow that we had to spend another 30 minutes back to their hotel in the western district. The traffic was so bad as the main trunk road at the promenade was stuck again.  Hope that the society would resume as before, though I think that we could hardly return to the old days and there would be more radical actions by the aggressive citizens.  The city is being torn. 

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