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Shing Mun Reservoir, Monkeys, Monkeys and Cows

There were a lot of requests saying that they might want to visit the Monkey Mountain in Hong Kong, I may suggest they would rather go to the Shing Mun Reservoir for a leisure walk and they would be seeing the monkeys all around, where it is more convenient and more fun.  Upon getting off from the green mini bus station no. 28, turn to the right hand side and follow the road, monkeys are all around and waiting for you.  We drove along until the furthest point where there was a gate in the front.  We then move along the dam and there were still big and small monkeys around, waiting for us leaving food or, as far as I know, the monkeys would “rob” the red plastic bags and take the food inside. We were also advised to bring along with a wooden stick to protect ourselves.  It was full of fun, better than the zoo, as my boys shared.

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