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Tangerine skin peeling

I was so happy to meet clients from Guatemala and Ecuador last week in two different tours. We did come across some interesting scenes in our Kowloon Tour.

Since the main road near the Ladies Market was blocked due to the demonstration, I always kept informed by the news on the latest situation on the main Nathan Road.  In order to minimise the risk in going to the Langham Hotel area, I suggested clients to take a stop at hidden cafe in the flower market, though it was not some Chinese dim sum food but the drinks were organic, the coffee was fantastic, and the cakes were all homemade., and each of the item was around US$4.  Clients shared some funny scenes in a Robot Restaurant in Tokyo that I would be planning to be.

Later, when we passed the fruit wholesale market which was an additional spot, we saw the workers were peeling the skin of the tangerine and I shared that it was a premium item for our soup and for serving coughs. One could hardly imagine the price could be as US$150 for just 40grams something.  After peeling the skin, the workers, or like my mother-in-law will dry them up in the small balcony or outdoor ground, and then tying them together in a string and hanging out.  Upon totally dehydrated, we will put them into a jar and saved it for years, yes, for years. The older the skins are, the more expensive and effective.

Tangerine skin peeling
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