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Temple Street Night Market, Chinese and Westerners

This was the first time spending the whole night shopping and eating, starting from Yau Ma Tei area till end of Jordan.  It was the whole area of the Temple Street Night Market.

While most of the clients might only afford to stroll along the Jordan part where there were more foreigners’ face, brighter on both side of stalls with proper booths, decorations with hanging flags from one side of the building to the other, we started our adventure from Yau Ma Tei.

Here, there were more open stalls without booths, just set up the tables by putting the goods on top, could be the magnets, could be the shoes, could be LEGO, could be circuits, lamps, paintings. It was less tidy and a little bit messy, and this was the origin of the Temple Street Night Market which had not changed much.  There were people lining up for the famous clay pot rice occupying the whole street.  There was old lady selling those fake leather shoes.  There were couples putting up the fake LEGOs with different characters, like NARUTO, FROZEN, IRON MAN, ONEPIECE that LEGO itself had never developed.

We found a stall selling the beef brisket with US$3 for a plate and tried.  It was good, but not as yummy as expected. We then passed the stalls and arrived the busy and popular area selling different kind of souvenirs and fake products. There was old singer and band performing old songs, fengshui and fortune telling masters staying inside the booths.  With an empty stomach, we decided to drop by at one of the “bright” store with clear pictures and menu on English translation.  We ordered two hot clay pot rice with chicken and mushroom, added the soy bean sauce, then, crossing the road to try the milk puddings and egg yolk almond puddings.  So good to have dessert to conclude the tour.  We spent three hours in total. In fact, clients were close to the Tsim Sha Tsui East and we said goodbye at the promenade, where they enjoyed the fantastic Christmas decorations before returning to their hotel. 

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