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The 11th day of the democratic movement in Hong Kong

As a 100% local Hongkong people, I felt depressed in the last two weeks. The pro and anti camps are using their media, force and organisations to fight against each other, the government and the students seem to have a talk but no progress at this moment.  The whole society, much worse than before, is being torn with  different views towards the current situation.  How we can move forward?

I did not have any job the whole week, and what I can share now is a certain extent of inconvenience in daily life.  From the point of the pro-camp, it is nothing as they are now fighting for a bigger dream for real universal suffrage with civil nomination (though it has never been promised by China, even under our “Basic Law”), while the anti-camp is using this as an excuse and exaggerating it such “inconvenience” is the economic loss.  I can see that we have to use longer hours to travel, endure the heavy and serious traffic jam, no school for a certain days for kids, business are losing some income at the certain areas, triad society is attacking the police as residents did not trust the police….these are tangible loss now.  But the worst is the intangible loss in the long term, we did not trust and rely on the long pride police force and the robust framework we built for long, the order and discipline, and more more seriously, is  the relationship with friends and families.

The hardware of our society is still here, so visitors might not have not big problems in travelling around this fantastic city, but the inner part of Hong Kong, is being torn and torn.  That might be the feelings that I could share with clients.

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