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Unique Hong Kong souvenir

These two days I came across that my clients would like to buy something special for their memories of Hong Kong.

When we passed by Kau Ru Fong, there were a group of men playing shuttlecock and my client asked if I could find one of them, or more, saying that if a dozen would be great as this could not be found in his hometown and he would like to play with his friends.  The shuttlecock we play is not the typical one we use in badminton, but one really has to control his body and legs to kick it while the hands, arms could never use.  It was much of fun as I saw my client joined with the locals and played for a while.

The other day when other party passed by the Red Blue White 330 in Mongkok, the clients were suddenly inspired by the strong fabrics and asked if I could find something authetic bags for them.  I thought they were kidding only.  We walked along the Golden Fish Markets, the ladies told me again they really wanted the strong material bags for relocations, which should be the icons of Hong Kong.  O, yeah, it is not easy to have these stuff in tourist-oriented area, and I had to go back to my residential district to get it for them.


More recently, I keep my eyes open to explore something unique about Hong Kong, instead of those popular promoted items by the tourism-promotion governmental organisations, I would like to say that our clients had more great idea towards our innovative or common stuff.  The so-called “must-buy” items seem not to be on their shopping list as the most memorable ones.

I was also happy, as I had said, I also find local designed nativity item for the Catholic clients, it is one of my bonus to know more of my little city.

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