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Wine Festival, a relieve for Hongkongese

It was not an coincidence that the Wine Festival fell on the date of Halloween, but it might be a fortune that the venue was last minute changed to the new cruise terminal which was really an attraction to local people. Due to the demonstration, the event had to relocate to a new venue that drew more people than its capacity, as we learnt yesterday from the news.

We arrived at 5:30pm when most of the Hong Kong people were still working, and that’s why we did not experience long queue in shuttle bus or buying the signature dish. The wine was paid as a standard token for a mere US$2 each glass, might be around 15-20 ml. I thought I’d tried around 10 delicious items, including snacks, cake, ham, pairing up with white wine , red wine, rose, sparkling that were too good to express.

What I would like to share was that, unlike the ambiance at the Central promenade last year, there were more mature retired people visiting the event. The Kowloon side was good, but not as good as in Hong Kong Island. Might be we Hong Kong people have been suffocating the demonstration for long, enjoying a glass of wine under the sky was so relieved and we could really escape for the chaotic political environment for a while, even might be as a few hours but we were all away from the tense downtown commercial and shopping area.

The time when we were leaving was the peak hour of the Festival, and we learnt that the Organiser announced to the public stop going to the event.  Again, coming along with a local skipping to the venue with the best timing, we did avoid the queue and crowd.

What a wonderful night, a glass of wine under the sky and next to the fantastic Cruise Terminal.  But I still would like to return to Central, a word from a resident of the Hong Kong Island.

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