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Winter is coming, the yummy seasonal cuisine

As the temperature is dropping, we are now putting up jacket or cardigan on our summer clothes. Yet, the winter cuisine, could not wait but already put out in the market.

On the street, I could share that the clay pot rice is everywhere outside the restaurant as a kind of promotion and display. The traditional and authentic way is to use the charcoal instead of the gas stove.  In view of the impatient culture in Hong Kong, most of the restaurants could not afford clients waiting too long who will also affect the turnover rate, and now only a few owners are willing to do so. Yet, the toppings on the rice did not change much, it ranges from preserved duck, pork, chicken, eel, frog, to simply egg, mushroom steaming on the top of the rice. It costs US$7 to US$10 something, and it could be quite full as the quantity is big enough for two to share.

There are many foodie to share, like the fried chilli crab outdoor, snake soup, hot pot,hot herbal tea, congee etc.   The Temple Street night market would be a good choice.  Yummy!

Clay pot rice

Clay pot rice

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