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Cancelled Tour with lots of gifts

The tour was booked by an Indian family but the father felt sick so it had to be cancelled.

Yet, I was so glad that clients called upon if I could pick up the gifts that they had prepared. I really wanted to say thank you in person but the couples were not in the Hotel. I was greeted by their lovely daughter and was so surprised of the stuff inside the bag.

There were bracelets, ginger tea, decoration of blessing string, pens, and what I could offer in return was the limited edition 1997 handover year two dollar coin.

I grasped the chance to have a little chat with the girl and found out that they went to the Ocean Park where they did not need to line up for long, might be five minutes something (wooh, that’s a good news to me as I always thought that it was flooded with the Chinese mainland visitors that might be killing hours in queuing). They also explored the Kowloon side by their own and visited the Peak.  I thought that it was good to have Kowloon Tour plus the Peak for a family, as the Island Tour might be too boring for them to learn the history.

It was a wonderful morning, though it was not a tour, not because of the gift, but the young client I met today.

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