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Excellent Lantau cycling track in Hong Kong

It was a nice morning and I thought it would be cloudy, but I was wrong. When I arrived the Lantau Island, it was so sunny that I had to put onto the sunglasses.

Unlike most of the visitors, they might go to the Lantau for the Giant Buddha. I went there with friends and we found a hidden old village and public housing estate together. There was a bike shop with new, professional bicycles. The rental cost started at US$10 per hour, a little bit more expensive than the other shops. Yet, the bikes were really new.

We went to a temple, the old canon, passing the public housing estate and the most impressive part was the promenade next to the big bridge which should be completed soon. That was the bridge linked to Macau and Zhuhai, a big infrastructure project to enhance the hub building in the southern part of China.

I’d would like to go further to the village but the path was so steep and we could hardly move forward. More worse, we were exhausted. After 4 hour of cycling, it would be good to have a big dinner.

Next time, forget about the so-called outlets, the touristy Giant Buddha, squeezed some time to the hidden part of the Lantau Island.

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