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Kwun Tong Factory Area and seafood village

I met the young couples who would like to do something different.

We took bus to the local pier, not the famous and popular one of the Star Ferry.  Just 15 minutes later, we arrived Kowloon, the eastern side.  The fantastic new cruise terminal was just opposite and we spent sometime walking in the park and playground nearby.

Unlike those in the other factory countries, our outlets are small and located inside buildings.  They were very small, like a boutique, and should be reached by lift floor by floor.  In order to attract customers, there were so many promotional flyers at the ground level.  We shopped around and they bought some cosmetics and little toys with good price. Later we took an early lunch in a big shopping mall where we tried the dumplings and noodles.  They told me the experiences were better than in Ladies Market.

We then approach to the Lei Yu Mun seafood village.  Though it’s not a very big area, but the seafood was gorgeous. Clients even tried the roasted sliced beef together.

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