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Tour by Hohogo Experience on Yaumatei and Tsimshatsui

Though it was a rainy day, glad that it did not affect much on the overall itinerary. I joined the Hohogo tour again for experiencing another angle to explore my city. This was an extensive tour on Kowloon Peninsular, covering the Yaumatei and Tsimshatsui district that I thought I was familiar with, and I was wrong…..I discovered more from a cultural perspective and I was lucky to learn from a very knowledgeable lady, Ling.

We started the tour from a traditional wedding costume shop, and moved ahead to the fruit wholesales market. In between, we passed by  lots of traditional fengshui gadgets, furniture, cooking utensil stores and icons of the old colonial buildings.  Ling led us to stroll through the small alleys inside the wholesales market that I had never done before. We were also recommended to try a real local cha ceng ting (a Hong Kongese restaurant that offers lots of choices) where there was no English menu, and we were offered the famous French toast and pineapple buns. I could still recall the sweetness of these dishes. I might say, it was not only the food tasting was incredible, the warm greeting of the waiters and boss were lovely moment in the tour I treasured the most.

We then go to the temple where Ling told us stories and customs and we were lucky to see the whole settings of offerings on the altar. I was so embarrassed to be shouted by the staff inside when I intended to take pictures of those chicken and fruit and it was Ling help me relieve. I did not intend to offend, but I could hardly imagine the staff was so rude that I had never come across in other temples before. So, please, as a visitor, never take picture to locals setting up the offers on the altar.

The part at Tsimshatusi, a popular touristy shopping and dining spot, was amazing! Instead of going to the major shopping area, Ling guided us to a hidden but big market with butcherers, flowers and an indoor cooked food centre. It was a little bit hectic as it was extremely crowded, but that was what we all wanted to see behind the scene. This area told us that there was the real life of office workers and the neigbourhood behind those luxury skyscrapers, shopping malls and hotels. It was really a big surprise.

When it was going to be end near the hotel area, Ling continued to tell us tons of history and stories that we were not aware the tour was going to be concluded.  I am glad I got the chance to join the tour, and Ling gave me lots of insights to appreciate something beyond.

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