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Youth Hostel and its nostalgia shop

Though I always cater the business visit in the commercial and tourist area, I got the chance to come across a sole traveller who stayed in a hostel referred by my friend yesterday.

For me the tour was a standard one on the Hong Kong Island side, but I love this hostel much as a revitalisation project. We started the morning tour so I still had time to stroll around in this hostel public area after the tour.

One might ask why I loved the hostel, it was because there was an exhibition area recalling my childhood memories, though I did not live in a public housing estate but my granny did.  The pictures showing the iron rack, the slide and even the proxy of those interior settings of a public housing apartment in the old days, public toilets, cooking area etc. The cafe in the piazza was full on a Sunday afternoon, where there were a lot of locals with families enjoying the relaxing environment.

For me, the little souvenir shop was excellent where I could find the candies, the snacks and the little gadgets when we could hardly buy the toys in the old days. The interior design was terrific and I did buy some to recall those “taste”.

The location of the hostel was convenient, though it is in a rather old public housing estate in Shek Kip Mei but just a few minutes (less than 10 minute) one can reach the subway station, and the “bed” was only US$30 per night, of course, for a twin room, it starts something around US$90 per night.  And within walking distance, there was a creative centre of the University and visitors can share the arts of youth nearby.  Just like my friend who is a sole traveler and would like to spend more on the experience on the tour, the city and the food,  so the accommodation for her might be just a piece of bed, she really made a good choice.

Two of us first spent 20 minutes to take local breakfast and get familiar with the district in the morning first,  then started the historical tour on the Hong Kong Island. We finished at 3pm something and she told me she would take a break before she moved on the night adventure by herself, including the Temple Street night market which was three stations away from her nearest subway station, and she told me that she would return to the Hong Kong Island Lan Kwai Fong area near midnight to share the nightlife in Hong Kong. That was a wonderful experience to me as well, as those childhood memories is still in fresh.

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