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A cycling track for 2 hours in Hong Kong

Other than hiking that always on the list of the clients who could afford spending 3 days or more in Hong Kong, I would suggest cycling could also be included.

This was an inquiry just two days ago, and therefore I did try it myself and found that it was worthwhile to do so as clients might be only spending 2 to 3 hours, they would be experiencing anther “Hong Kong”.

It was not far away from downtown.  Taking the subway to Tai Shui Hang and then cross the road to the cycling park, one could find there are numbers of bikes waiting for you.  Starting from US$5 for whole day rental, you can really enjoy the whole afternoon. I started at the village where I passed the old village and modern village houses, then crossing one or two roads with traffic lights, and everything was so good and easy.  Of course, there were fast cyclists around on a Sunday, but still there were no difficulties for beginners. There were slopes inside the tunnel but not very steep, and most of the parts were level. On the way, I can see a lot of westerners and those who speak Mandarin around.  Good to know that there are now more activities for visitors and locals joining together, sharing the hidden side of Hong Kong.

If one would like to take a stop, the area inside Science Park was great.  One could park the bike aside and enjoy coffee, snack or even a decent meal around. It all depends on one’s schedule, I finished it with 2 hours, including the stop at the snack kiosk. If one would like to extend, one could return the bike at Sha Tin or Tai Po and no need to return back to the starting point, but of course need to spend the whole afternoon for doing so.

The weather was great, and the view, was fantastic as we are always embedded by the skyscrapers and the city ambiance. 

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