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Dragon and Tiger Mountain, an easy hiking trail

I always wonder if I can handle a green tour, with hiking elements, and today I tried it with family.

It was a nice trail.  There were many hikers than I expected, and most of them, if they were families, they were not local. I doubt if it was because it was the examination season and so most of our “locals’ simply focus on revision and study, and forget kids should have a break.  I always wanted to keep this in minds.

Visitors walking up and down were in different language, but I could share that they loved the weather so much and the clean, tidy, quiet country park. Everyone was so happy that they could be away of the chaotic city life and have a breath on the green area.  Hong Kong people should be proud of the place we live, within distance, we could go back to work in a busy hustle city, within an hour, we could reach the forest, plants, battery path and waterfall.

We spent only an hour something that we could reach at the top of the abandoned battery path, then walk back within 15 minutes. It was an easy trail and I could think about it next time starting at The Peak when some clients maybe interesting to chip into our normal city tours.

Yet, when we touch on the housing problem in Hong Kong, we would be in a big dilemma.  Should we be so “self-fish” and insist on the “core-value” on the green asset and green belt when there are so many people homeless or waiting for long but stayed in the cubicles?  I had no answer, and have no answer now

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