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The clear sky for a moment in the evening

After the Paris trip, I started to work immediately and was lucky that it was an afternoon tour so that I could adjust my internal clock to overcome the jetlag.

The client was from Germany and had been spending 11 days in Shenzhen. I did have to dig it out piece by piece as I did not want to duplicate the cuisine he had taken, nor something in similar, as Shenzhen was just at the border, a city that would be surpassing the GDP in the 5-10 year time with its great economic progress.

Again, Hong Kong has its edge. We have some British colonial buildings and history to show off, we have unique landscape of the steep slopes on the Hong Kong Island, we have specific clusters for expatriates to mingle, we still keep some small and local business at the back streets.  That’s what I shared and presented.

Within the exact six-hour tour for a transit time-conscious client, we tried the local signature dish like beef brisket noodles, the egg tart, and even squeezed time to visit the evening dim sum shop. Before ending the tour, I brought him to a hidden corner that even locals were not aware to enjoy a wonderful skyline in Central, that was a great pleasure to me as it was my to first time to bring client there, and even for me, it was so stunning. Thanks to the good weather in the evening.

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