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Buddha Sunning Festival

It was the first time I come across with the Buddhism event with clients together.

Since we started at 10am today, clients who stayed in Causeway Bay learnt there would be an event in Victoria Park as they viewed from hotel’s windows and asked if they could chip a stop before they moved on.  Instead of the demonstration nearby, it seems that a religious event would also capture their eyes.  It was the Buddha Sunning Festival originated from Tibet and now it started to stage in Hong Kong three years ago.

We spent some time to take some pictures of the stage which was the the thangka (giant paintings) of the Buddha and Bodhisattva and also the ceremony.  Yet, the most impressive section of course was the unveiling of the biggest thangka of the world which was of 38 meter in height and therefore it could hardly display vertically as in the past, but lying on the football pitch for everyone’s appreciation.  The giant fantastic thangka was the image of the Medicine Buddha, and the organiser would like the Buddha offer blessing to HongKongese in this difficult time in a torn society and purify our heart for blessings to everybody around. To a wider perspective, the ceremony would like to offer strength to people stand against the Ebola storm that has been taking away thousands of life in the world.

I am not a Buddhist follower, but the whole ceremony was so impressive that we saw the locals, though most of them were elders,  were really praying with heart for a better tomorrow. We walked around the giant thangka and felt amazing on the fine and details work on the embroidery on this big canvas,  and also shared the organiser’s strong devotion and financial support to this community’s event.  

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