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Sai Kung leisure walk….the water was wonderful

Though I always go to the beaches on the Hong Kong Island, I have never thought of the clear water that I first tried on the other side of the territories.  It was a wonderful Saturday morning when we arrived at Sai Kung at 10am. Of course, we started to have a light breakfast in a very local small traditional “cafe”, which really shared the local foodies with locals. Compared to the central seafood area, this village allows more local feelings, and the price of course was extremely cheap. Might be US$4 we could have egg sandwiches and famous milk tea.

Of course, when we arrived the promenade, there were more touristy thing but also served to many locals like the hop on and hop off boat for eco tour, geo park tour etc. We made up our mind and picked the Sharp Island and expected to see the tides that separated the two areas, and again, it was cheap as US$3 for a return ride, and every 15 to 20 minutes there would be shuttle boat picking up. We spent two hours there.We even climbed up the headland which killed energy and time, though it was not difficult and comparatively very short hiking path.  In fact, the water was so impressive, clear that one could see the bottom and walked on the stones until very far away from shore, and that’s why it was called the back garden of Hong Kong.

There were so many seafood restaurants, and instead of buying or enjoying the seafood, the clients, as they lived in a service apartment, bought some cheaper and still the same level and standard of fresh shrimps and crabs in a local indoor market.  We even offered the ice to keep it cold.  The seafood stall owners told us that we did not have to do anything, just boil, and we could taste the freshness of the crabs and shrimps.  Clients, of course, were so excited and I really hoped that the enjoyed the seafood when they returned. We took taxi back to downtown(as they were tired) and it costs US$30/HK$250, and of course, there were public buses, mini buses and simply cost US$2/$3 per head. In case one could afford more than two days in Hong Kong, Sai Kung is definitely on the list.

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