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Seafood, traditional tea dumplings, village houses, funeral services, ghost history, beach at Cheung

It was a little bit misty in the morning when I met clients in Central.  We caught the big slow ferry which was only US$3 for a single ride, but we could sit on the deck to enjoy the sea-breeze and view the lovely little islands.

Once arrived, I did not know whether clients loved it or not, and had plan B to hop on another ferry to the Giant Buddha. However, it was my pleasure to see them enjoying the leisure walk, something away from the bustling pace in the downtown. We started to take a lot of pictures at different angles with the village houses and villagers, then, sleeking the interior settings of those houses opening the door with old ladies, small kids living inside. Suddenly, there was a marching band in white and black who were carrying out the coffins in the main road.  That’s lots of stories to share.

When we were near the beach, of course not comparable to the Gold Coast in front of the Australian clients, it was so nice to share those old days in the villas and ghost stories in the 1980s. When we went back to the main road, I was so excited to see an old man selling my grandma’s traditional home-made tea herbal dumpling.  It was so wonderful to share the taste and my childhood memories with the clients together, sitting on the bench to view the fishing boats around.

Ended with the standard seafood menu with US$20 for geoducks, scallops and fried noodles with beef, we returned to the Hong Kong Island by the slow ferry again.  It was so wonderful to chitchat with the store owner where she talked about the cuisine, her kids studying in Australia etc.

It was not the end of tour, we still squeezed the time to ride on the express bus to Stanley Market where clients had their own shopping adventures.  

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