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The Giant Buddha Tour ONLY

Since we did not have much time, we started right after from Central to Tung Chung cable car station which already needed 45 minutes.  And it was the client’s request for a quick shopping at the mall, we spent another 30 minutes in strolling around and got a cup of coffee in the food court.  We decided not to take the cable car as my client did not like the feeling of “hanging up” so we tried the bus uphill.  It was really killing time for the 50-60 minutes ride but the scenery was great and I could share more the landscape, the environment and some of the interesting icons around.  When we were at the Monastery, it was nearly noon time and I suggested to take some snacks before moving up with 268 steps to the Buddha . We even moved to those still under constructed area and appreciated the great craftsmanship on the pillars. We touched on the topics on the rituals, memorial practice, customs, donation… might be the most comprehensive topics that I touched on.

We enjoyed the snacks so much as every little bite I could tell the ingredient and the way we made it, though I was not the expert but I loved these Chinese style vegetarian food.  The staff around were so kind and recommend us to try the noodles and puddings. We added a lot of the spicy source though it was not as hot as we expected.

The view at the bottom of the Buddha was fabulous.  I told something about our Fengshui belief, the practice inside the memorial hall and even, we shared life and death.  That’s life.

The small shops inside the Ngong Ping 360 did not change much, and it would be a good place for the last-minute shopping before ending the tour in Hong Kong as they offered much variety and better design and quality.

It was a wonderful tour for me as well as I seldom touched to the outlying island and it was so refresh to me as well, especially most of my tours were focusing on the downtown. Taking a breath in the outlying island was really good for my further insight in planning the itinerary, especially if client wanted to be away from the busy and hustle area.

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