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Sunny Bay and Siu Ho Wan

To me, the landscape and scenery on the way to the airport are so impressive.  Since day one I worked for the airport, I always would like to explore this hidden treasure. I finally got the way to reach these beautiful places.

The dam at the Sunny Bay was just next to the subway station.  Maybe it was a public holiday, some of the locals parked the car near the dam and walked along the long dam, and I did make an effort to be close to the water. It was exciting and challenging and it was a little bit dangerous.

Then, we moved ahead to the other side and explored the Siu Ho Wan.  I really opened my eyes as I could see something wonderful and gorgeous. The water, the reflection, the timber “inserting” in the water, the seaweed, the rotted woods, the sky, the boats….. all made a lovely and fantastic picture that I had never expected.

Do find some time to open eyes again when we are on the express train to and from the airport.  Hong Kong is so lovely.

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