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A foodie tour with 15 items in 3 hours

I am so happy to make it done, and more importantly, it was smooth and leisure, rich and intensive.  With good partners in the tour, we could really share more than expected, especially clients were adventurous and really wanted to try local cuisine in a local environment.

In order to stay away from the demonstration area (we did photography at a safe area) and manage the time well for the next possible trip of the client’s plan, I did some adjustment and moved to the hidden side of the Hong Kong Island, crossing two districts with tram ride, exploring the wet market and local eateries, and some of them were even on the list of Michelin’s recommendations in a very local environment.

Compared to other companies’ foodie tours with 5 eateries, I would like to say that I am quite flexible and it all depends how much clients would like to explore. Since we did egg tart, pork buns, chicken feet in a dim sum restaurant and during the standard tour, I tried something more today.  We took beef brisket, fish balls with noodles in soup, toast, cocktail bun, soybean curd dessert, fish meat on pepper and egg plant, roasted goose, barbeque pork, cold cut knuckles, congee, wanton, glutinous rice dumplings, rice roll with mixed sauce, milk tea.  We covered the old side of the residential area, but also stroll along at the new development which really projected a good contrast in the different walks of life in town.

It was a lovely morning, but I could share that it is not a rush, we even had time to visit a traditional old vinegar shop for recalling the taste of the monocular cuisine. Clients even bought a bottle of dark vinegar and rosary white wine.

The ending point was fantastic as it facilitated client’s next stop to go to Stanley Market, seafood village or back to Central.  For a 3 hour foodie tour that I made today, I would give a thumb to myself, though might not a be full mark task!

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