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A transit tour with 6 hours …..chicken feet dim sum, snake and tortoises

Though the itinerary was a standard one, I was so glad to greet a couples and they would like to know more about the cuisine, culture and grasp the most within their 10 hours in Hong Kong. We caught with the best timing to go to the Peak without lining up, and I opened the options of look-out points instead of rushing straight to a specific location. And, as we have tried the tram before, I suggested to take our minibus back to downtown where they could feel the landscape of the mountain.

Of course, we had to stay away the peak rush hours of the office lunch, though a bit early, we started our dim sum lunch inside a commercial building. As they told me they would like to try something adventurous, we did try the chicken feet marinated with chili, black soy bean and soy bean sauce.  As I “perform” spitting the bones out of the meat inside my mouth, they asked how I could do it.  Ummm, it maybe like the technique of ” wet kiss”, I kidded.  I have never been asked as it was not on my dim sum order during the job normally, and it was something I did not learn but know for years. At the end, we all laughed and they loved the authentic dim sum very much. With a pure local in the tour, one can share some “weird” norms, habits, hidden stories, perspective as the clients praised me. When I returned home, I learnt that chicken feet was called “Adidas” , as named by expatriates in Hong Kong.

Another additional stop was a visit to the snake soup shop at the back street, where they could really picture the real snake display in the cage outside. I love it as it was my favourite cuisine which could be of great health in the coming winter. We also caught a wonderful scene to see many tortoises coming out from the pond and taking sunbath together. One could hardly imagine that the butterfly garden really attracted butterflies, it was amazing even though it was a standard spot in the itinerary.

Since it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon, they could still catch up to do the Giant Buddha Tour.  I did advise that the worst case I was at the cable car terminal waiting for 45 minutes, but they said that they still would like to go but not those shopping in the Kowloon side, and even just a look from the very bottom for a while when they reached the mountain. Good to learn that the next flight was very late so that they should have plenty of time to relieve, after an exhaustive walking tour.

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