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Aberdeen Tour

If it is not the clients’ ah hoc request I would not go to Aberdeen.  First of all, it’s too touristy, a kind of demonstration of old fishing Hong Kong. Secondly, the sampan ride in 20 to 30 minutes did not offer the real life of fishermen in Hong Kong, and in fact the number has been dropped to fewer than 8,000 now, the life is so bad now and the fishing industry is declining. Thirdly, the Aberdeen Tunnel is always stuck. There are always traffic jam and the worst case is being stuck for 45 minutes.  Yet, the clients really would like to explore something extra and give up some part of the walking tour, we managed to start it at 9:30am and ride on the cross harbour tunnel bus 170 straight to the promenade. It was wonderful as the traffic was surprising smooth, and the sampan lady today did the usual offer at HK$60 per head.  I even asked her to drop us at the Jumbo Restaurant, again, another ad hoc request, and we did enjoy a lovely lunch together, though the food is quite so-so, but the stage with Chinese Emperor and Empress costume made them feel extraordinary excited. It was only ending with raining cats and dogs, but we took taxi the other way, leaving this inconvenient location as soon as possible.

Aberdeen tour

Aberdeen tour

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