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Late Island Tour on a Sunday

I seldom arrange tour on Sunday as there are too many holiday visitors,  traffic is not good, and most of the local special shops are closed in Central and Sheung Wan. I do not want my clients spending too much time on waiting with me and might see an empty street.

In fact, it was not too bad. We started quite late at 1130 as we had to go to a  tailor near the hotel. Instead of walking to the Peak Terminus to face the possible crowd and switch to taxi on spot, I initiated to take taxi directly which only cost US$8 for three of us on a single ride, much more cheaper than using the Peak Tram upwards. The weather was good, and when we returned downwards to the Terminus by Peak Tram, it was within my expectation that the crowd lining up was occupying the whole waiting area.

It was nice to take a break in a traditional Chinese interior design setting for a cup of Chinese tea, and we could still catch up the time to enjoy afternoon dim sum before it ended.

I was so happy to see clients enjoying our rituals in the temple, where we really light up the joss sticks in bundles, dividing into a group of three each time

, made a wish, folded the paper effigies, burn them in the stove. It was the first time to demonstrate a complete procedure and do it together.

The tour, ended in the evening under the sunset and cold wind, lucky that clients had the jumper on.

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