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Modern and old shopping stores , and shopping and foodie only

As the clients already told me they did not like those T-shirts, fake-antique or those easy-dying embroidery, we decided to squeeze some time to high-end shopping boutiques.

We first went to Shanghai Tang and picked some notebooks, ball pens and  decorations and of course they were wrapped and packaged fantastically.  Then, we moved to Pedder Bldg to get some good wines for dinner.  Blanc de Chine was on the list but in Alexandra House but it was not on the way.  Then we moved somewhere at the junction of Lan Kwai Fong and Stanley Street to line up for local dumplings and pudding on street with other office ladies.

After simple snacks then we moved along to explore the snake soup cuisine but found that they might be too much for us before we had our dim sum lunch.  We then decided to take the warm herbal smoothening tea only before the next egg tart adventure.  It was followed by a 20-mins shopping at G.O.D where we found chopsticks, Hong Kong collectibles, dining matt, XO source, jewelery box, coaster etc.  It was around the afternoon tea time so we got our dim sum lunch in a very local dim sum restaurant, with the traditional Guan Di facing the door and a must-see seafood aquarium.

It was so wonderful that clients found the small old ivory shops that they could treasure-hunted with a peanut, two Buddha statues with fine craftsmanship. The old owner still used the pink paper to wrap it until we asked for the bubble-paper we found at the corner.  Yet, at the time that I would like to gather the members together, one of them skipped away to buy and piece of dried sausage at the open wet market.  Yes, it was too late and the client had already bit on it before I could stop him as it should be steamed on top of the rice first.


This was not the end.  Since we still had to go to the local book stores to find authentic Chinese cooking books with translations, one pair of clients had to go along with me while the others still had to get something from the wonderful Cats Street for a little Buddha and also the calligraphy brush.  I could not imagine if they could still shop at the Chinese Arts and Crafts for fine high quality decorative in case they were not rushing back to the airport.

It was a crazy shopping tour that I had never had, and of course it was overtime but I did enjoy it.  Maybe next time I should also add the Post Office and Star Ferry where there were more items related to Hong Kong’s daily transport.

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