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One side demonstration, one side carnival, that’s Hong Kong

It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday, though the whole city was still filled with anger, tears, fears, argument and mistrust.

I went to the one of the demonstration areas, Causeway Bay.  It was still peaceful, calm and full of love though it was no longer on the headlines as the students and protesters there did not make much noise.  The trunk road, was still blocked. The vehicles could run from the east to the west but not vice verse, so the back streets were crowded and stuck.  There was noise asking them to leave as they already won the media, and every Hong Kong citizen could hear they voice, yet, if there was NO remarkable triumph, or a signature milestone, I am afraid the movement will be lasting, and we are going to have a Halloween demonstration on the road, or even a Christmas demonstration, Countdown and New Year’s demonstration.  I am impressed by all their dreams, doing something with the big barricades in the front.  Most important of all, no blood, please.

Just another 4 minute walking away from the core camping area, there was another colourful parade organised by the pro-Chinese party.  The Guest of Honour said that he was so sad to see that Causeway Bay was being blocked and young people in Hong Kong did not share the patriotic sense towards the motherland.  From the view of a tourist’s angle, the costume and proxy were so pretty and in details and I have taken a lot of pictures for the promotion of Chinese customs and culture.  Yes, I do share that we should know more about the past, and we should also think more the future.  We are, in a dilemma.  Where should we go for the next step?

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