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Request from a Jewish client

It might not be the first time I come across with the Jewish clients, but this is a pre-requisite that I have to check the meal arrangement before I meet them as they indicated to try Chinese food.

The clients have to follow the Kosher.  Unlike the family I met last time that they dealt with the food themselves with pure vegetarian and no spending in the following days that we had to arrange everything in advance and prepay the visit to the museum, I am now checking if they could take our Chinese cuisine but the answer is definitely NO.

Since the wok we used in our Chinese restaurant will always be coated with lard first hand before cooking, there might be a few, or one or two items that could be recommended in our menu, like the steamed vegetable dumplings using the cage.  All other fried cuisine are not suitable. The best way is to go to a pure vegetarian restaurant like the tea house in the Hong Kong Park, or the vegetarian restaurant at Garden Road, or the cozy one in Chi Nin Nunnery would be the best choice.  Of course, those organic and green shops in Central are all good options.  But Chinese dish in common Chinese restaurants, even listed as the “vegetarian/green items”, including those in the hotel, are not appropriate choices.

I find one in Wanchai which is quite a local Chinese style and famous on the vegetarian food.  The dim sum there is fantastic and I tried it.  In case one would try to grasp the dim sum snack and take away, here is the one of  the best choices.


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