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Shopping and shopping more

If time is not allowed to go to the Kowloon side for the Ladies Street market to share the ambiance and fun of bargaining, I would extend the duration on the Hong Kong Island side, either to the southern part Stanley market for those shopping bazaar and Mediterranean dining experience, or an alternative convenient choice just in vicinity, the Lei Yuen Street, both West and East side.

Here, that’s not much bargaining, but we could still shop those what we could find in the Ladies Street market.  It is not big scale, but it covers most of the items one would like to buy as gift, or simply giveaway.  What I like the most, or it was what clients’ eyes telling me, was the fantastic new design at the back of the stalls.

I learnt that they are all made with iron, and the size might be just 3 feet x 4 feet and all the goods would be put back to the little stall once they are closed. It was the clients told me of the painting at the back, where I could share the heart of the owners.  Unlike the Ladies Street market, most of the owners or operators are Hongkongese who speak perfect fluent English, while the Kowloon side has been taken over by the mainland accent Chinese.

I love the new outlook, but one have to go to the back of the stall, and it was also the local restaurants around for those who would like to skip from their busy office work for a while, might be a cup of milk tea or toast is already a good break.

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