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Singapore milk tea and toast

I have heard this famous restaurant which open a store in Hong Kong recently, and it was luckily I come across with it when the clients told me that they did not have their breakfast yet.

One should said that it was not good to have a stop at a Singaporean outlet, I would like to share that the client tried much on the Hong Kong-Chinese-western buffet-style breakfast in his hotel already, and that’s why we picked something different in the morning, and the shop was so cozy and decent that we could really enjoy a short briefing before we moved ahead.

The milk tea, was not the same like our Hong Kong style, that the Singaporean one is more emphasising on the tea taste, ours is more on the milk base.  The toast, was so crispy outside and creamy inside, though a little bit heavy as a big piece of butter was wrapped.  Since we ordered the whole set for two of us, it was just enough.  We then, of course, started our walking tour in another 5 hours which we passed the local wet market where there was a tram running in between.  Client loved this special experience so much.

Singporean Toast

Singporean Toast

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