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The Graffiti in Hong Kong, an alley for smoking

It is to my surprise that there are so many wonderful pictures at the narrow corridors in Hong Kong where street artists could express their talents in this materialistic city.  The pictures are wild, funny, colourful but one could easily miss it as they could never be on the walls of main roads but hidden at the places where people smoke.  Maybe it is still the day time, the area around are so clean and I can imagine there will be a lot of people sitting at the corner, holding their drinks, smoking in front of these great works. Yes, it is a very popular area for those who have to smoke, as they will be fined if they smoke in the public main roads.


I learnt that the government had cleared some of the “invaders” already, and I hope that some of them could still survive without offending the authority.  It is our art, it is our asset.

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