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The “new” Repulse Bay

Under the sunny and cool weather, it was a nice walk at the Repulse Bay, and it is good to visit the new mall along the beach, The Pulse.

In fact, it is a round the island tour, we started on the eastern side to visit the local market, then ride on the bus to the Central, explored the historical building, then stopped at Repulse Bay before heading to Stanley market.

A must stop at the Statue of Goddess of Mercy and Goddess of Seafare could not be missed, though they were not at the temple but standing on the tip of the beach. There were so many other deities around, including Buddha, Long-life bridge, the God of Romance, the Three Goats and more, they all had stories to tell. Enjoying a cup of coffee, chit chatting with each other, it was so wonderful to spend an afternoon before going back to the downtown by bus 6, 6X and 260. Yet, if one love shopping, this might not be a good choice. if one has visited any one of the temples in Hong Kong, then no need to go to this beach. The mall, again, is just a mall.

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