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Tram Tour for Photography in Three Hours


The fare was cheap and I did not take it into account. It cost US30 cents per head at a flat rate. We started at the Terminus, Sheung Wan, western side of the Hongkong Island. Passing all the icons, main roads, city scenes, skyscrapers, markets, local stalls, commercial and residential buildings, shopping malls, neon signs, it was so great to take a leisure ride and sit for the whole itinerary. Instead of history briefing, we are more interesting in exchanging views on life and livelihood about a city.

Ending at the eastern side Terminus, Shaukeiwan, we had some buffer to visit a big open market and took a local full breakfast together before it stopped serving at 1100. From the angle that the photographer made, I learnt and shared more to appreciate my city, Hongkong.

#Breakfast #openmarket #photography #tram

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