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Umbrella Movement, a new attraction

After crying, after desperation, and it should be time to move forward.  This is my city to move forward.

I do not want to take side as government and student group has their own stand, and there is really inconvenience caused to the general people’s livelihood and tangible impact on economy, though no visible figure could be released at the moment. Even for me, like other in the tourism business, are feeling so bad towards the upcoming season, a season should be of our peak season but now there are not many realised bookings.

As usual , I took the clients for a leisure walk in the Hong Kong and Kowloon private tour this week.  Though we could be avoid the demonstration area, my clients asked if they could have a look.  The demonstrators, in fact, were more peaceful than any other movement, the police, were so patient to manage the order.  Though we saw the crash between the police, the anti and pro-camp, there was no bloody scene in the TV news or social media. Thanks God.

In fact, I would be quite positive towards the situation today.  As long as it is peaceful, (and it is always), the behavior, the exhibits and the interaction are all the good symbols and pictures of Hong Kong, and it was a very good “attraction” for sharing.  I would like to say that for the few tours that I carried out, all clients were surprised to see how clean, tidy and discipline of the demonstrators, how professional, patient and tactful of our police force.  Of course, if it is not suggested by clients, I will not bring them to the spot though I passed the area nearly everyday in my daily life.

It was impressive, but I really do not want it to last long.  Hope that it will be finished soon without blood.  It is our lovely Hong Kong.

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