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Vegetarian dim sum

It was a little bit cool today and we had a custom tour for 3 hours this morning.

Instead of the typical Central historical tour, we did something different near clients’ hotel as requested as they would be rushing for an appointment for lunch meeting.

We started at Wanchai wet market which were quite busy as usual.  This wet market, a much bigger in size, and there are more similar stalls with more varieties squatted around.  For Graham wet market in Central, it is smaller in scale, but could share the big contrast in the new and old, modern and historical. In Wanchai, we are mingling more with locals, shouting and chit chatting. There are stalls for souvenirs, clothes, jade, bags, accessories, cosmetics, toys, swimming suits, alfresco dining.  Of course, there are many more seafood, butcher, fruit, hairy crab, roasted pork, bakery.  What impressed the clients most was the snake soup and they even took picture with the poster.

We then passed the main street and stopped at a famous vegetarian shop for local which has been established here for over 100 years.  Unlike the green elements in western cuisine, our vegetarian food might be the first monocular cuisine in our community in which we make use of soy bean to intimate the texture of the different kind of meat.  One could hardly imagine that we could have curry chicken, barbecue pork, roasted goose, sour pork etc and cost a mere US$1.2 for one “piece”.  We also have different pure vegetarian dim sum at US50 cents which really no lard was used (as most of the dim sum in Chinese restaurant could hardly avoid using lard to make it juicy and crispy). We tried the deep fried dumpling wrapped with shallot, carrot, and peanut and it was just done so the the ingredients were still warm. It was a happy ending with simple food as clients were going to have an official big lunch soon.

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